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Our range of services is inclusive of Control surveys, Boundary surveys, Topographic Land surveys, settingout surveys, Route Surveys, Volume calculations. there is a great demand for these in varied kinds of project management requirements and civil and structural engineering.

Our services are renowned for being prompt, relevant, effective and accurate. In our field operations, we use cutting edgetechnologies, and all of the latest office processing and CAD software.


Topographical Survey

Topographic survey involves determining the horizontal and vertical locations of objects on the surface of the earth.

Contour Survey

The line of intersection of a level surface with the ground surface is known as the contour line or simply the contour.

Land Survey

LAND SURVEYS (sometimes called cadastral or property surveys) are conducted to establish the exact location.

Railway Survey

After the decision to set up a new railway line is taken, tentative alignments of alignments are marked on the contour map.

Leveling Survey

The aim of leveling is to determine the relative heights of different objects on or below the surface of the earth,

GPS Survey

GPS is an exceedingly precise route framework utilizing signals from satellites to decide an area on the Earth’s surface.

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When JEngineerrs was first conceived we set out to build a business model that focused on quality and attention to detail.

Today we operate with the confidence that our past has prepared us to embrace the most challenging of projects.

Quality Assurance

We believe in ethical business practices and have considerable transparency in all kinds of dealings.We have several inspection procedures undertaken by our consultants to ensure flawless services to our esteemed clients.


We have equipped state of the art facilities which ensure timely execution of services. The skilled personnel with us ensure that the quality standards are taken care of and there is no scope for any kind of damage to the in transit.

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Our team of Engineer, Supervisor, Draf Man, Technicians and Marketing Executives has in-depth knowledge which helps them in understanding the specific needs of the clients and strives to offer these services in a manner desired by them.

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